8 Best Locations to Explore In Darjeeling on Your Bike Tour

Darjeeling is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, at a distance of about 62 kilometers. Being a small town in West Bengal, Darjeeling is an exciting location for nature lovers and has attracted riders over the decades.

You can take a bike on rent in Darjeeling to discover the top attractions where you will hook up with the appealing views of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the country. Places like Kurseong, Kalimpong, and Mirik are going to give to an extra touch of peace with adventure.

Here, we have picked out the 8 best locations to explore in Darjeeling on your bike tour

Riding in Darjeeling has been a dream for many riders and many have completed it. Now it’s your turn to do what you really want to do!



The highest point in West Bengal is Sandakphu, offering you a panoramic view of four of the world’s top five peaks. Sandakphu has numerous Himalayan Cobra Lilies in here. The place is a nature lover’s dream to ride with almost 600 orchid varieties.

You can get the best view of the Kanchenjunga range from Sandakphu. You can reach the peak by bike but the terrain is really tough.



Phalut is West Bengal’s second-highest point. Part of this range is situated on the frontier of the West Bengal and Sikkim and Nepal. A tiny bunkhouse is run by the Indian Army, close to the top of the peak.

The tribal groups who inhabit the mountain peak are recognized as Falutians, and they have a 300-year tradition of worshiping the mountain peak.

You can get yourself a bike on hire in Darjeeling and explore the remote parts of the region where no one can access easily.



Takdah is located near Darjeeling, at an altitude of about 4,000 feet, and far enough to be remote, peaceful and serene. Though the elevation is much lower than Darjeeling, the location is cooler than the nearby area.

Foggy meandering paths, birds singing, nature walks going through dense forests, sound and sight of river streams flowing down the mountain ridge every few yards you travel – that’s what Takdah is all about.



The very first thing the riders visiting Kalimpong consider is its friendly climate. The peaceful atmosphere pervading throughout the city is enhanced by the presence of monasteries and churches.

Often renowned for its vibrant bazaars and western crafts, Kalimpong is well recognized for its orchids and nurseries. Kalimpong provides a panoramic view of the great Himalayan ranges.



Pedong is one of the area’s oldest, historically significant cities near Darjeeling. Pedong is separated into two sections-Upper and Lower Pedong. Previously, when Kalimpong was a major trading spot, Zuluk and Jelepla’s route was the one used to trade between India and Tibet. Today the same path has become a favorite spot for riders



Kurseong is a hill station near Darjeeling, famous for its waterfalls, pagodas and Buddhist Gompas, apart from the panoramic view of the site. Riders prefer to halt in this destination for a day to explore its beauty.

Kurseong enjoys milder and pleasant weather most times of the year which makes it one of the best riding destinations for all seasons.

If you want to explore the Himalayas independently, then you can contact a bike rental in Darjeeling and ride as per your wish.

Sukhia Pokhari


Sukhia Pokhari, located at an altitude of 7198 ft. is the closest town to the India-Nepal border. It is famous for its environment and climate that stays pleasant throughout the year. If you are lucky enough and you visit this place in winter, then you might also get encountered with snow.

Sukhia Pokhari lies between Darjeeling and Mirik and is an ideal destination for riders throughout the year.



Built on the shores of an enormous lake, Mirik’s hill town contributes to the wealth of North Bengal. Mirik has more to offer than the stunning mountains and lakes.

Riding in Darjeeling is incomplete without Mirik, from boating activities for your romantic getaway to temples for the believers, to orchids and gardens for the child of nature. Moving to Mirik for the ultimate getaway to the hill station is a concept you’re never going wrong with.

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