Top 10 places to visit in India on a bike

India is a land of diversified cultures with a geographical arena of all the possible beauties of nature; seashore, hills, mountains, forests, and deserts. Even among the diversities, India stands atop in showcasing hospitality that makes it’s each and every part worth traveling to. In short, India is an arena, where the West is captured by the Thar Desert, North & North-Eastern part is proud of the existence of the snow-clad Himalayas, and the South brings down heaven in the peninsula. No matter which part of it you head towards to, each of the regions has some specific places that are worth going on a bike road trip. Prince Riders, offer bike rental in Siliguri, bike rental in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok,and even Bhutan.

Let’s take a virtual tour to the most fascinating bike trip destinations and routes in India:

  • Siliguri to Darjeeling


The most adventurous bike expedition from Siliguri to Darjeeling is via the winding Hill Cart Road along the Toy Train route. The route is the steepest with curvy road via Kursheong and Pankhabari Road. However, a less steep and beautiful alternative route en route to Darjeeling is available as well. It’s via Mirik. The road is broader and exhibits the real beauty of the countryside ambiance along with the hills and lush green forest around. It’s best to get a bike rental in Siliguri for the bike expedition.

  • Darjeeling to Gangtok


The curvy mountainous road from Darjeeling to Gangtok halts at Pelling. The journey from Darjeeling to Gangtok is of around 4 hours. Moreover, if you have a thirst to witness hills, snow-clad mountains, lush greenery, and river streams flowing downhill, this is the road trip you’ve always wished. You can either maneuver with existing rented bike from bike rental in Siliguri or hire a new bike from bike rental in Darjeeling (in case your expedition is sudden & unplanned).

  • Gangtok to Bhutan

Once inside the state of Sikkim, you’d barely resist to going onward to one of the most breathtaking bike trips; Gangtok to Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon. The journey is of almost 600 km and would take around 16 hours.This long ride brimmed with monasteries, diversified flora, mountains, and river streams will give you the most amazing experience of the lifetime. While en route to Bhutan, the most recommended place for overnight stay is at Phuentsholing. It’s not because it’s the first city across the border of Bhutan, but also it’s the first checkpoint where the documents would require clearance; it’s better to keep ample time in the schedule for it.

  • Manali to Leh

The road trip from Manali to Leh is indeed one of the most intriguing road trips that all adventure enthusiasts crave for. The 479 km long route, brimmed with a gamut of dangerously winding hairpin bends, and rocky roads, is considered to be one of the best Motor Bike Tracks. This famous route hosts many famous Himalayan bike expeditions as well.

  • Road trip to the Thar Desert

If you are enthusiastic about going on other-worldly bike road trips, bike trip across the Great Indian Desert, a.k.a. the Thar Desert is something that you can’t miss out. The spellbinding journey across the haphazard and barren tracks will leave you as amazed as a mirage does. The journey showcases immense exposure to the former majestic kingdoms, colorfully ornamented alleys, high and low sand dunes, golden sandy plains, low barren hills and rural parts of Rajasthan. The journey can therefrom be extended to Mount Abu as well, for a different and soul-contenting experience.

  • Bike trip to the Rann of Kutch you a speed lover? Well, Rann of Kutch is your answer. The marshland of the stretch is a blessing for speed lovers indeed. With the Thar Desert on one side and Sindh Province of Pakistan on the other, the stretch of Rann of Kutch gives you a freeway to pull the throttle of your bike. While your speedometer will be on the rise, you would feel like cruising close to the hearts’ of both the nations and a divine feeling of brotherhood would crop up.

  • Road trip to the East Coast of Tamil Nadu

If offbeat yet fascinating road tracks of India are talked about, East Coast of Tamil Nadu offers an exploration of vivid color and amazing culture. The countryside road exhibits the arousing view of the vast shores of the Bay of Bengal, along which local people can be seen doing their daily chores with roadside marketplaces every now and then.

  • Road trip to the Valparai and the Vazhachal Forest stretch is one of the most appealing bike road trips during the monsoon season. With lush greenery of tropical evergreen rainforest around, mist and cloud act as an icing on the cake. The route to Valparai and Vazhachal Forest connects Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerala, the Land of God.

  • Bike road trip from Mumbai to Goa

Being an Indian, we are very much acquainted with the stretch between Mumbai to Goa (formerly Bombay to Goa); thanks to the Indian Cinemas. The famous stretch from Mumbai to Goa is actually NH17. This breathtaking track showcases the immaculate scenic beauty of the white sand beaches, swaying palms across the seashores, and eye gravitating views of the sunrise and sunset.

  • A Trip to Arunachal Pradesh tracks to Arunachal Pradesh, the Land of lit dawns, is one such route that drives any pro-biker crazy. The crazy bike expedition the last state of Eastern India is brimmed with gusty, bumpy and offbeat roads that are enough to test your driving skills. The Land of lit dawns induces a feeling of being pulled towards the end of the cliff as the sun rises up.

With such availability of beautiful places for bike trips in India, we, at Prince Riders, welcome you to the heaven showcased by North Bengal and the North-East. Quench your thirst of exploring the Eastern Himalayan hill stations with our bike rental in Siliguri and bike rental in Darjeeling.