Top 6 places to explore in Sikkim This Summer with Bike

Riding in summer can be tough in some places but this doesn’t hold a rider to sit in their house. India is a hot tropical country, wherein some places the temperature crosses the mark of 50 degrees Celsius and during winter in some places, the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius.

India is a diverse country with diverse climatic conditions and you can experience almost everything here. The wisest decision a rider makes during summer is by riding in Sikkim and to do that riders from different locations arrive in the state and take a bike on rent in Gangtok and continue.

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the top 6 places to explore in Sikkim this summer with a bike.

Smell the summer – feel the sky, let your body and soul fly. With the road under your feet make your own way at a constant speed!

Gurudongmar Lake


This lake is considered to be sacred by both the Buddhists and Hindus. You can find the most bizarre view of the lake in winter when it is totally covered with snow and everything is white and in summer, it’s just like everything comes to life there.

The lake becomes more vibrant in summer and is the most visited destination in the entire Sikkim by bikers.

Yumthang Valley


This is no less than a paradise on earth, as you will find a wide range of exotic colorful flowers that will make you fall in love with Yumthang Valley. Tourists or bikes are not authorized to enter this valley in winter as the valley receives huge snow and the road connecting Yumthang with other parts of Sikkim gets closed.

In summer, you can take a bike on hire in Gangtok and go-ahead to this valley of flowers to apprehend some of the most beautiful flowers of this planet.

Tsomgo Lake


Like Gurudongmar, Tsomgo is a renowned lake in Sikkim. Tourists & bikers traveling to Nathula Pass or Baba Mandir will surely make a halt in Tsomgo Lake. You can take a yak ride in the perimeter of the lake here and grab some magnificent pictures on your camera.

It is better not to visit Tsomgo Lake in winter because the area receives heavy snowfall which makes it difficult for bikers to have traction on the road.

Silk Route


This is not just a road, but a trace of our Indian history where the trade between China & Rome took place during the ancient civilization. You can experience untouched natural beauty in the Silk Route as not many tourists like to visit this place but it is like nirvana for bikers.

During summer, the temperature here ranges from 10 – 15 degrees Celsius. So you can imagine how cold it gets here in winter.



If you want to grab the most magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga, then Pelling is the place you should visit. With attractions like Glass Bridge, Rabdentse Ruins and Sanga Choeling Monastery, Pelling has seen significant growth in the number of tourists in recent years.

Bikers love Pelling as it is located in a remote location far away from a busy life with lots of hidden spots and cultural traditions to experience.



When visiting in Sikkim, you cannot escape the heart of the state – Gangtok. From a Chinese restaurant to big malls, you will find everything here. You can get the best deals on a bike when booking from a provider of bike rental in Gangtok and ride the bike of your dream.

Make your summer worth it!

You can make your summer more exciting and comfortable by visiting these famous places of Sikkim with your partner or friends and make your vacation worth it. In Sikkim, you’ll not only find peace but also lots of adventure in which you can indulge and make the best memories of your life.