Top 8 mobile apps designed especially for Motorcycle Riders

In today’s world, life has become more distracting than ever because of all the electronic gadgets and apps we use on a regular basis. And if you’re anything like me, you just want a ride to get away from all that confusion and noise of modern everyday life. But at the same time, you can’t refuse the conveniences that our devices and the countless apps provide us.  And these days, there are plenty of apps out there, which can really help us to enhance our rides rather than detract from them, and it also makes our ride safer, convenient, and fun!


So in this article, we scoured our phones and the web to find the most useful apps which especially designed for motorcycle riders. We have got them all categorized by type, so whether you’re need an accurate weather forecast, looking for the fastest or most scenic route, or just want to find a great place to eat on a ride, you will get everything in these apps.


So, check out our list, and make your ride easy and fast like ever before.


Navigation/Directions App:

  • Waze App



Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app. to give you the most efficient way to get to your destination, it shares road condition, traffic, and route info in real time. You can also sync up with other riders, and even find the cheapest places to find gas on your route!


Accessible to- iOS and Android


Route Tracking/Sharing Apps:


  • Sygic App



Sygic is a navigation/maps app that is really pretty impressive. If you are wondering why  we shouldn’t use the tried and tested Google Maps for this purpose, then let me tell you; there is one big aspect about this app which beats Google Map and that is, it doesn’t need a connection to run. Another bonus part of Sygic is it does not drain phone’s battery as fast as Google Map does.


Accessible to- iOS and Android


Volume Control Apps:


  • Ampme



Has it ever happened to you, that you were on a ride and your phone connected to the Bluetooth, but with all the wind and motorcycle noise you just couldn’t hear it? If happened, then you just need to download Ampme. It helps you to crank that volume up even louder than factory.


Accessible to- Android only


Gas and Fuel Mileage Tracking Apps:


  • Fuellog App




Fuelog  is an app which keeps track of vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, costs, and it also automatically calculates useful stats like fuel mileage. But this app goes even deeper than that; FuelLog can also give you the average cost per distance or gas amount, total distances are driven, fuel cost per month or year,  and more!


Accessible to- Android only and for iOS devices


Performance Data Logging App:


  • Ulysse Speedometer





Ulysse Speedometer is a GPS based app; which shows your speed, average speed, top speed, the direction of movement, and a bunch of other useful information. This app also has a compass, built-in navigation, and altimeter system that can pretty much replace Google Maps.

Accessible to- IOS and Android


Weather App:




Not a soul wants to ride in the shower if they can avoid it. And with the free Accu Weather app, you don’t have to do it anymore. It is the go-to weather which gets updated every 15 minutes and the app provides weather forecasts for the next fortnight. In this app, you also get push notifications in case of severe storms or weather upheavals. The chances of a heavy downpour or the alerts about impending storms everything will be conveyed to you.

Accessible to- IOS and Android


Extending Battery Life:


  • Battery Doctor



All these apps which I mentioned above are great, but the problem is, once your phone dies, you’re back in the dark ages. So, to prevent that, use a battery preserver/monitor; like Battery Monitor. You can have a quick look at all the apps you have running, and how much battery life can be extended on each one. Battery Doctor can be very useful for riders who get caught out a little longer than they planned.


Accessible to- IOS and Android


Crash Detection/Emergency Response App:





CRADAR is a crash detection app. It uses the accelerometer of your phone to detect a crash, and sends a text message to the emergency contact or contacts, along with a route they can follow to get to you. This app is not for only motorcycle riders, but cyclists, hikers, and runners, too!


Accessible to- Android only

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